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  • Keyword / slogan selection

    • We know what appeals to Korean Americans.
      Let us help you find the right words to reach them.

  • Market Analysis

    • Our team of experts with decades-long experience with the community lets you save time and money on ethnic market research.


  • Original Native-Language Ads

    • Our team of professionals create your perfect ad.

  • Translations/Dubs

    • Should you provide us with a pre-made English ad, we will replace the text/narrations seamlessly.

Making Music

Media Buying

  • We know which areas Korean Americans with different income levels reside & which media outlets best reach them

  • We know the standard ad rates for ethnic media companies and can find you the best price

  • Reach Korean Americans not just in the DC area, but all across the nation - New York, Los Angeles, San Francisco, Atlanta, and so on.

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