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​Want to reach out to over-4-million-strong Korean Americans throughout the country, including over 2 million in Los Angeles, 700 thousand in New York metro, 300 thousand in DC metro, and 200 thousand Dallas, Seattle, Atlanta, Chicago, and Miami? Found in each of these regions are multiple prospering Korean-language print, TV, radio, as well as digital media outlets, which Korean Americans almost exclusively rely on with a consistent loyalty due to a sense of community and cultural and linguistic familiarity. professional native-language ads for you with culture-specific marketing strategies. A proud woman-owned and minority-owned business, Ad Korea can handle your marketing in a cradle-to-grave manner, covering the whole process from initial planning to ad design/production to media buying. Join our growing list of past and present satisfied clients.

With deep-rooted experience and expertise on the Korean American market, Ad Korea enables you to target Korean American consumers with maximized effectiveness. Don't know how to form your messaging in a way that would most appeal to Korean Americans, let alone which platforms to advertise on to maximize exposure? We've got you covered. We act as your ethnic media consulting team and help you create a marketing strategy that is just right for you as well as handle ethnic media buying on your behalf.

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Image by Alexander Shatov
Image by Alexander Shatov
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